Strategic   Communication

Zitholele’s Communication services are divided into Public Participation, Awareness Creation and the Development and Implementation of Communication Strategies. These services are characterised by a diversity of communication techniques that are used to address our clients’ communication challenges; in accordance with best practice guidelines.

Public Participation

Public participation (PP) is implemented as a fundamental part of Environmental Authorisation Processes and is carried out to adhere to the requirements of the relevant environmental legislation regulations. PP is aimed at encouraging pervasive engagement with the project by stakeholders representing all relevant interests and sectors of society, technical specialists and relevant organs of state.

Zitholele employs an extensive PP process which includes identification of stakeholders, project announcement, stakeholder liaison via telephony and written communication, advertisement and logistics of multi-stakeholder events, facilitation of meetings and events and reporting on the PP process, including documentation of, and responses to, comments raised throughout the process.

The PP process in an Environmental Process is central to the efficacy of the process and therefore constitutes a vital set of actions required for all processes that are carried out by Zitholele Consulting for

Awareness Creation

Awareness creation, together with education and capacity building is often used to communicate the intent and implementation of government policy and strategy. Some of the awareness creation methodology implemented by Zitholele Consulting includes information dissemination and education, behaviour change, social marketing, social mobilisation, media advocacy, communication for social change and participatory communication.

Communication Strategy

Development Communication refers to communication processes, strategies and principles within the field of development, aimed at improving the conditions and quality of life of people through communication. Zitholele’s communication strategies are designed to bridge policy or high-order goals on the one hand with tactics or concrete actions on the other. When designed, it becomes a framework that provides guidance for communication actions to be taken and at the same time is shaped by the actions taken.


Zitholele Consulting’s Engineering division combines leading-edge Civil, Structural and Process Engineering with in-depth experience to deliver total solutions that satisfy the needs of our clients. A client-focused structure enables Zitholele Engineering to customise project solutions according to clients’ needs and budgets, whilst offering a full range of services, from project management, feasibility studies, planning, design, construction management and project closure.

Environmental and Waste Management

Zitholele Consulting offers a range of Environmental Management and Communications Services, from Environmental Impact Assessments, Strategic Planning, Public Participation and Communication Strategies. Our aim is to provide clients with sustainable solutions that are socially and environmentally acceptable. Our skills base comprises Environmental Practitioners and Professional Scientists, and Public Participation Practitioners.